Computer security, also known as cybersecurity or information technology security, is the area related to computer science and telematics that focuses on the protection of computer infrastructure and everything related to it and, especially, the information contained therein in a computer or circulating through computer networks. For this, there is a series of standards, protocols, methods, rules, tools and laws designed to minimize possible risks to infrastructure or information. Cybersecurity includes software (databases, metadata, files), hardware, computer networks and everything that the organization values ​​and poses a risk if this confidential information reaches the hands of other people, becoming, for example, privileged information.


The definition of information security should not be confused with that of "computer security", since the latter only deals with security in the computer medium, but information can be found in different media or forms, and not only in media computer scientists. Computer security also refers to the practice of defending computers and servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks.


In short, security in a network environment is the ability to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities. A general definition of security must also pay attention to the need to safeguard organizational advantage, including information and physical equipment, such as the computers themselves. No one in charge of security should determine who and when can take action on a specific item. When it comes to company security, what is appropriate varies from organization to organization. Regardless, any company with a network must have a security policy that addresses convenience and coordination.


Measures to protect our information:


One of the main security measures to avoid the theft of information on the Internet is the importance of having strong passwords. A secure password supposes greater protection of the data published in the different social networks and in general of the information that we store in the cloud or on our computer.



Measures to prevent identity theft:


It is important to protect yourself against spoofing attacks. Keep in mind that imposters often send emails pretending to be banks that ask you to provide your login details.


Published on: 10/3/20, 3:18 PM