Physical exercise is any physical activity that improves and maintains a person's physical fitness, health, and well-being. This has various benefits such as muscle strengthening, improving the cardiovascular system, developing athletic skills, sports, fat loss or maintenance, emotional well-being, among others.


The different motor actions carried out by car engines are seen by the need to develop some physical quality such as knowing how to handle strength, speed, endurance, coordination, elasticity or flexibility. Physical exercise can be aimed at solving a specific motor problem. Physical exercise improves mental function, autonomy, memory, speed, body image and the feeling of well-being, there is a stability in the personality characterized by optimism, euphoria and mental flexibility. 




Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Exercise prevents health problems, increases strength, increases energy, and can help reduce stress. It can also help maintain a healthy body weight and reduce appetite.





Everyone can benefit from physical activity. For most people, it is possible to start exercising on your own at a slower pace. If you've never exercised before, start with a 10-minute period of light exercise. A brisk walk every day is a good exercise to start with. Increase, little by little, the difficulty and duration of the exercise.


Talk to your doctor before starting a new exercise plan. This is especially important if you are already under medical supervision for a health problem, such as heart disease or osteoarthritis. You should try to exercise, even if you have a physical disability that limits movement. Your doctor can help you find other exercises to improve your overall health.




Training with a friend is more fun than training alone. An exercise buddy can keep you motivated when you don't feel like exercising. You are much less likely to cancel the exercise if you know someone is counting on you to be there. And when you reach your exercise goals, you will have someone to celebrate with.

Published on: 10/3/20, 4:59 PM